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The assessment process is very in-depth and is designed to understand and identify the individual’s unique learning style and optimize the learning experience.

After the first telephone contact, forms and checklists are sent to the family and teachers.  A one hour parent consult is scheduled in order to review your child’s development and to discuss your concerns and goals.

The testing day is a full day, approximately 4-6 hours of testing. During that time, a flexible battery of tests, tailored to your questions/concerns, is administered. Dr. Serpas engages and interacts with your child in a one-on-one testing situation.   No technicians or para-professionals are used in any phase of the assessment.  

After the data are analyzed, a comprehensive report of the results and an integrated interpretation of the findings is developed.  Data-driven  recommendations are made in order to build on your child’s strengths and address any areas of difficulty.  

A two hour feedback session is then conducted with the parents, during which the findings and the recommendations are discussed. A copy of the report is given to parents.  If parents request, the report may be disseminated to educators, therapists, tutors, or physicians in order to facilitate advocacy and the development of appropriate treatments, interventions, and supports.

Depending on the age of the individual, a shorter, child-friendly feedback session is also offered to your child.  Feedback can help your child better understand his or her learning profile, foster resilience, and improve treatment compliance.  Feedback with the child helps to demystify why school or other situations are challenging, while validating his or her efforts and inviting them to collaborate on strategies for success.

Upon parent request, Dr. Serpas is also available for feedback meetings with your child’s educational team.

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