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Your child is struggling, you already know that.  So, why bother with all this testing? Differential diagnosis, or teasing out all of the factors, is complicated. Often, there is more than one thing going on.

For example, the dysfluent reader may be distractible, not dyslexic. A child who really has a  memory/recall problem may look like they are  “not trying hard enough.”  The child who appears restless and slow in completing written seatwork/homework may have a bona fide processing speed problem or dysgraphia.  A student with a learning disability may appear inattentive and  off-task, but is actually struggling with keeping up and is lost  in the classroom lecture.  Notes/assignments may not be accurately written down from the board, not because of boredom or forgetfulness, but because of visual-spatial or motor processing speed issues.       

Early identification is very important. Often, a “wait-and-see” approach results in a downward spiral of demoralization, frustration, and lost time for both the child and parent.  Children frequently begin to form false conclusions about their capabilities and they truly suffer. The relationship between parent and child also can suffer. Neuropsychological Assessment is an investment in your child’s educational and emotional well-being.

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